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Pharmacy First Service Posted on 2 Feb 2016

Need health advice without an appointment? Go to your Pharmacy First.

Pharmacists in Borough of Croydon can now give advice and treatment on a range of minor health problems for FREE. You do need to be registered with a GP in Croydon Borough in order to access this service. 

What treatment is available on the scheme? The pharmacy first scheme covers a range of short-term drug treatments. You can see your pharmacist up to twice for most conditions in the scheme. The pharmacist may need to refer you back to your GP if more treatment is necessary. If appropriate, the pharmacist will supply you with medicine. This medicine is only for you. It may not be the right medicine for other people, even if they have the same symptoms.

 Health problems cover by the scheme include:

• Headache

• Cold

• Sore throat

• Fever

• Hay fever

• Constipation

• Mouth ulcers

• Indigestion

• Athletes foot

• Head lice

• Diarrhoea

• Thrush

• Bites and stings

• Contact dermatitis

• Back pain

• Cough

• Teething

• Sprains and strains

Will I need an appointment to see the pharmacist? One of the great things about this scheme is that you do not need an appointment to see the pharmacist. You can just pop in when you need to. 

What will the pharmacist ask? The pharmacist will ask you about your symptoms in order to give the right advice. You will be asked about any other medication you might be taking. Everything you say to the pharmacist is confidential. 

What will it cost? If you do not normally pay a prescription charge pharmacists will be able to provide you with medicine for minor conditions for free.

If you are not exempt from prescription charges you will pay the normal prescription fee to the pharmacists or buy the medicine if they are cheaper.

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